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  • Are you a runner looking to improve your mobility?
  • Are you a surfer who needs to stretch out after a long morning in the water?
  • Do you consistently roll your ankle out on a hike?
  • Are you an outdoor lover, mover, or athlete looking to compliment your training with yoga, and Pilates?

Unleash your full athletic potential with our innovative approach that blends our yoga, Pilates, and mobility classes to align with your athletic goals and overall wellbeing.  



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Our online studio is home to yoga, Pilates, mobility, strength, meditation, and sport performance classes. These are taught by four amazing physiotherapist instructors who specialise in sport and love living life outdoors. See the change these classes can make not only to your body and mind but also to your hiking, trail running, cycling, swimming or surfing. 


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MBM Clinic 

Our online clinic and education portal is led by Dr. Kristen Kennedy and contains: rehab/prehab programmes, lectures and diagnosis explanations. Kristen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specialises in rehabilitation, pain, performance, and injury risk reduction. Our purpose is simple: to empower YOU to overcome your setbacks and smash your goals using evidence-based education.

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Need 1 to 1 attention? Book in for an online physiotherapy or S&C session to diagnose, review and level up your performance.

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Practice for a purpose: Harness the Power of Yoga for Athletes  

  • With the intense training schedules of an athlete, injuries can be a constant challenge. That's where we come in. 
  • Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our team of experienced physio's will guide you every step of the way, helping you achieve your full potential.
  • Join us today and unlock your true athletic potential with yoga!
Unlock Your Potential

“As a sporty person I have always known that yoga would probably be a good thing to do, but I always [found] excuses to avoid it - no time, too slow, didn’t relate to my fitness goals...!” 

Kristen has changed this! With her sporting background and physio training, Kristen has a wealth of knowledge that she shares in a digestible and informative way throughout the session. She makes the importance of each move clear and I can link the practice to my overall fitness goals. She has catered her practices to suit the needs of her clients and manages to foster a caring, non-competitive, calm and inspiring environment in every class. Kristen, I can’t thank you enough for getting me hooked on yoga!”


Becky K
LDN Marathon, triathlete

"As an athlete keen to get into yoga for prehab and recovery benefits, Made By Movement has been perfect. Kristen’s classes are really easy to follow online, and are pitched for a range of abilities. Her detailed physio knowledge helps you learn to understand your own body and it’s movements too.”

Jonny S
England Futsal

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