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Hi, I'm Kris

Kristen, I know you wanted to start Made By Movement for a long time - what made you start it finally in 2020?

Well, like most things I had the idea for a while and never thought I could do it. I thought there are a thousand studios giving great online content not to mention youtube so what chance do I have at being successful or even good enough to stand up against any of these other amazing teachers? Eventually, I remembered back to my summer in Maui doing yoga teacher training. One of our requirements was every morning of the week we take a yoga class at the studio, I LOVED this one teacher who always taught on Wednesday. I would always look forward to her classes, feel amazing after and just loved her whole vibe overall. Over lunch one day I remember relaying this to a friend on the training, who then informed me she hated that teacher and didn’t enjoy the classes at all… ?! It was my first true lesson in individuality, you know it’s true that everyone likes different things but for me it was a hit me in the face moment. Some people won’t like my classes…. but for some people they will be exactly what they need and I want to be there for those people.


Why are you a physical therapist, but put so much focus on teaching? Do you also see clients?

Simple answer is because I love it. I love the vibes of a class that is moving together and I always come out feeling incredible. Yoga was what got me through undergrad and got me to love movement in the first way that was ever non competitive. I do still see physical therapy patients but my dream is to build MBM with more teachers, trainers, and continue making the best classes from the best people.


What is your favorite thing about Made By Movement?

The people, the community, the students 100%. I am busy, not one moment of my week is not planned out, to the last 15 minutes. But this is because I want to build the best experience, the best classes, know the science, and just be there for everyone. I have made this communities experience and my own one. You are my number one priority, and I am so grateful for each and everyone.

Quick fire:

Favorite Food? Tortilla chips and guac

Favorite Skincare product? Retinol, the Medik8 crystal version!

Favorite Place? Anywhere outside, I love camping and hiking so anywhere I can do that and really enjoy the natural world.

Things you can’t live without? Coffee, time alone, movement


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