Our Favourite Gear for Cold Weather Running

Let's be honest, running in the colder can be a bit miserable. And here in the UK (and my home state of Maine) the colder weather can last intermittently till May! Well, here are some of our favourite things to help get those miles in during the colder months. (It is important to note none of these are sponsored, they are just items we like, have bought with our own money and feel are worth it!).


A long sleeve that wicks sweat but keeps you warm is essential, the worst of both worlds is a top that makes you sweat once you are warmed up and then cold when that wet top. I used to be a lululemon girl all the way but I recently tried the Sweaty Betty tops and the base layer I like is Glisten Seamless Long Sleeve Top.  OH MY GOODNESS GIRLS (and guys)... it is so soft, comfortable, and warm. I bought it in all three colours - there is no judgment here. In terms of sizing, for me anyway, with almost all brands I size up for running tops I don't want my top riding up my waist as most base layers (that are tight) do on me (for reference I bought a small in all of these). These tops are also great for any Made By Movement classes as well! 


I am personally always cold, and the cold often stops me from wanting to run outside in the winter. Having a jacket that I can put on especially during the beginning (and coldest) part of the run is essential. I do think though this is nice most times during the year because you can layer a light jacket for most occasions! My personal favourite (and a favourite of multiple friends) is the Arc'teryx Cita Hoody. It is wind and water resistant so it is great for trail running but also just general British weather, another thing I like which leads into number 4 - it's very easily storable - one I get warm I want to be able to shove it in my running vest easily! Arc'teryx is one of those brands that you see the price tag and gag on your own spit.. but I have had Arc'teryx items for 10+ years with still more life to give. The quality in my opinion is great and when compared to other tops I've found (Nike or otherwise) of similar prices it is by far the best. 




The days are much shorter in the fall and winter - so whether you run before or after work it is likely you will be running in the dark at some point. Headlamps aren't only important so others can see you (cars, bikes etc) but so you can see the road/trail you are running on. This includes seeing ice patches, puddles or mud. In the colder weather I personally feel the fog or rain can roll in quick and depending on the headlamp you have it may help you see a bit better in poor weather conditions! I personally just use the headlamp I have for hiking which is from the brand Black Diamond. I got it 10 years ago and is still going strong so a good investment I would say! I love my headlamp and I feel safer using it which is always a plus. 






I got a running vest in the fall as it started getting colder, and wasn't sure at first. Because lets be honest is it not a glorified backpack? Who wants to run with stuff on their back? But as my miles got longer and I improved overtime I felt it would be helpful to have some support from water, gels, and a space to store layers. The one I have I won't recommend as now that I have used it there are aspects I don't like... and I don't want to recommend crap! I haven't tried any others either so there is no link or reccy here but I do think they are a good idea and I have enjoyed having one even if it isn't perfect! 




Now this may not be essential depending on your location or running location preferences. However, if the weather in your location means you are going to be needing more grip due to more mud, ice, water, or snow - if you do slip and twist your ankle check out the MBM Clinic twisted ankle series. Getting trail runners that have Gore-tex means they also will be waterproof which can prevent your feet from getting wet and too cold! Some favourites are the Salomon Sense Ride 4 Gore-tex Invisible Fit

Well those are my four true recommendations, as we try more items or find things we truly feel are worth the money we will let you know. Quality (if you of course can afford it) is better than quantity and in outdoor gear especially the price usually pays off! 

Write your recommendations below!! 

Kris x 


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