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How I got into yoga

 I want to start this blog post with a statement: anyone can get into yoga if they want to. Yoga isn't for everyone but it can be for everyone. Yoga is about adapting the poses to meet your mobility and strength limitations and needs. Any good teacher shouldn't make you feel silly or bad for not being "flexible enough". 

I began my personal yoga practice during my undergraduate degree in Canada (2012-2016). It was my first time away from my parents and lets be honest I was finding juggling my social life and the academic side of things. I was getting streeeesssed and a group of my friends asked if I wanted to join the yoga class they go to. I have really hesitant and had never done yoga before. I am an anxious person in nature especially with new things. I was worried everyone would be looking at me and I wouldn't know how to do anything / would look silly. I did end up going along and really enjoyed it (I was right though, I didn't know what I was doing but I do remember the teacher giving great cues/directions). 

I decided to continue going with my friends when they went... still wasn't confident enough to go alone! But really enjoyed it and felt refreshed, and my body felt great. Up until this point I had started getting lower back pain - most likely due to the increase of sitting in lectures and then the library to study. Overtime as I listened to my body and gentle started to improve my mobility the pain went away?!

This is how it went throughout my undergraduate degree, I would not have said I was a yogi, didn't go weekly, wasn't obsessed but really enjoyed the classes I went to and felt better for it.

 When my degree was ending I wasn't sure what was next for me, I decided to take a gap year. I had been speaking to a friend I had worked on a farm WWOOFing in Hawaii with - she mentioned she had just completed her yoga teacher training at a studio near where I had lived previously. I knew the location and it was Hawaii so of course I was interested. I decided to go for it! And the rest was history... I learned a lot and met some incredible life long friends. It gave me confidence that I definitely didn't have before especially regarding public speaking and being an effective communicator. These skills I think have translated into physiotherapy perfectly - it doesn't matter if I know it, who cares if I can't explain it so others understand!

I began teaching in Maine at the University for athletes and students, at private studios, and then in the UK when I eventually moved here for my Masters. I began to learn more in my degree and change my teaching style to suit athletes and improve their performance. Since then I have worked with multiple professional footballers, runners, cyclists and surfers?! I aim to try and never think I know it all because I never want to stop learning. 

As I have said before, I never want Made By Movement to replace your sport, your passion or even in person classes. We are here to support, be your back up, your side kick to improve your control, mobility, and focus. We got your back and we love seeing all you guys accomplish! 

See you guys on the mat! 

Kris x


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