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MBM Favorites: Leggings

We dive into the world of fashion and functionality to bring you an in-depth review of one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in today's wardrobe - the legging. Whether you're a movement lover looking for functional pieces, a cozy girl, or someone who simply appreciates the perfect combination of style and comfort, leggings have undoubtedly become a staple in modern fashion and sport. Gone are the days when leggings were seen (and designed) as solely activewear. Today, leggings have evolved into a fashion statement, providing a plethora of options for all occasions. The literal definition from studio to street! From high-intensity workouts to casual drinks with friends, leggings have infiltrated our outfits and our movement. 

In this comprehensive product review, we'll explore the various aspects of leggings that matter most to you: comfort, material, fit, style, and durability, and sport specific movements. We've rigorously tested a range of leggings from different brands, comparing their performance in real-life scenarios, to provide you with honest and unbiased insights.

Whether you're looking to invest in a reliable pair that will stand the test of time, or you simply want to stay ahead of the latest trends, our review aims to guide you towards making the best choice for your unique needs.

So, let's dive right in and discover the ultimate leggings that will revolutionise your wardrobe, offering unparalleled comfort and style every step of the way. After all, fashion should never compromise on comfort, and with leggings, you'll experience the perfect blend of both!

Now, without going into creepy depth I think to get a good idea of why or why we like certain leggings its important to give a brief description of our body types - 


Height 5'5, shorter muscular legs with smaller waist and a LONG torso. 


Heigh 5'9, longer muscular legs with smaller waist and a short-medium torso. 


1. Lululemon

Lululemon has long since been a popular, luxe, and expensive legging brand. I bought my first Lulu legging during undergrad in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Every girl at uni had a pair and coming from a small town in Maine I had never heard of the brand before. I went in with my mom and thought WHAT, this is insane these leggings are way more expensive than TJ Max (my legging go to before uni). But, as most teenage girls who first go to uni, I wanted what all the other girls had.. So for my birthday my mom bought me my first pair of Black Wunder Under leggings. And I STILL WEAR THEM.... 11 years on And as a yoga, teacher, physiotherapist, hiking outdoors girlie I have TESTED them. Through the years my collection has grown and I have tried the Aligns, Aligns high rise, Stronger As One Tight 28" *(Lululemon X Barry's collaboration), Lead the Pack Tight, Every moment pant, Fast and Free leggings.

My favourites and most worn are: Align 25 inseam high rise legging, and the Lead the Pack tight. Both stay up, and I have been wearing consistently since 2018 for yoga, hiking, running and camping  (the same pairs). I think, a 5 year legging life is pretty good and for the amount I am using them as well. Now, other companies have recently come out with leggings with the same buttery texture as the Lululemon aligns - but at the time when they first came out they were revolutionary for me and I was obsessed. I will say, the Fast and Free running tight whilst it doesn't fall it isn't high waisted and I find it doesn't sit right on me and I am always readjusting but with the plethora of different styles they have I just moved on to what I liked so didn't cause to much of an issue. 

Pros: They last, they aren't see through, they don't fall and they feel amazing. 

Cons: Expensive (note if there is a seam rip, or manufacturing error they replace for free), 2 pairs of my aligns have been torn by catching them on branches whilst hiking... sooo yup but that may a symptom of such buttery light fabric. 


2. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty was the first of 3 legging brand Katy wanted to mention and she self admitted has always been a Sweaty Betty gal. However, right off the bat she said the quality got worse. It is noticeable to her that her older pairs of leggings are lasting longer than new pairs. Functionally for everyday use of Pilates, yoga, and the gym they are good leggings. They are not see through, she always buys high waisted versions for her long legs and small waist to bum ratio which she feels gives good support into her tummy area holding her in and providing curve. Katy prefers a pocket on her leggings and most of the sweaty Betty leggings offer this, especially the ones she usually buys (the power legging). Katy's Conclusion: Would recommend, however only buy if you can afford to replace in a years time, not a long lasting legging, price high for current quality and would now only buy in sale. 

Boom. Thank you Katy. 

Kristens Thoughts: 

Okay, so I have a slightly different opinion. Which is why I love having multiple teachers giving opinions on these product reviews because everyone and their body is so different. As you can read above, I have a very long torso, so anything high waisted I take with a grain of salt because it often isn't super high/ to my belly button on me. I find this is a huge issue for me with Sweaty Betty - throughout different styles such s Power, or Power UltraSculpt High-Waisted Gym Leggings they aren't high and throughout my workout they are CONSTANTLY RIDING DOWN, through the crotch and I am always pulling them up. Now, like you - my first thought was do I have the wrong size? Too small? Too big? I have tried the up and down and for me and my body I think it is something that is just going to happen. SO do I run or workout in them anymore? No, sorry sweaty Betty but they are expensive and you may have a legging style that is different but the couple I have tried both have flopped for me and so I haven't invested in anymore. 

Conclusion: The riding down makes these a huge no for me   

3. Women's Best

This is the second brand Katy wanted to bring up, she is literally wearing them right now - in the gym as she and I have this conversation about leggings. Katy's thoughts "Women's best leggings are seamless and I have been obsessed with them for 3 years.. the ones I have are doing some fraying around the crotch however after 3 years I think thats pretty good! Women's Best is pretty affordable at £39-£44 per pair. A major con for me is it has no pockets but really thats the only issue. It is waist sculpting, seamless, are long enough for a tall girl and stay up during gym sessions and Pilates (haven't tried them for running though). 

4. Girlfriend Collective

You may remember in 2016, Girlfriend did a marketing campaign that if you signed up to their newsletter they would send you a free pair of leggings? Well, I did that and they are great and are the ones I consistently use for camping and hiking. They are thick without being too thick/warm - if you are an outdoorsy person you'll know what I mean - I can sit on a rock during a hike and not worry they will rip, and this is a concern I have for my aligns (and with that price its too much of a risk!!) 

Girlfriend Collective has since expanded their range, and have various and styles which in total honesty I haven't tried.. why? because I have their black legging (which is usually the colour I wear). I do however have a sports bra from them which I LOVE. The only con is over the years the waist has stretched and so they do fall and the bum is tight waist is loose situation.. which can be annoying during yoga or running.... but 5 years later is understandable and it was their first design (and free!) so I assume this  may have been improved upon but can't say for sure. 

Girlfriend Collective is made with recycled materials (such as old plastic water bottles), said to be ethically made in certified factories, made to be recycled with their ReGirlfriend program, and uses eco-friendly dyes and responsible water recycling!

5. Ignite the collection

Last but not least - this is a newly found brand is Ignite the collection, Katy describes them as the "ultimate ones". We have just discovered this small business and their leggings are insane. They feel like Lululemon align texture but are gym shark prices - which is way more affordable so total win. They are so comfortable, high waisted and make your bum look amazing. Sadly for Katy there are no pockets but for Kristen this is preferred (hehe)! Overall, they are a very cool looking new legging brand that Katy found and has been loving. I (Kris) will definitely be looking into them after this review! 


What leggings are your go to? Let us know below!! 


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