The Importance of Recovery

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You are probably go go go... wishing you could slow down, but somehow never seem to... am I right? Shocking... because I am the same way and if you are here with me at Made By Movement, you're probably similar. 

You alway hear "push through it", "no pain no gain", "challenge is essential", etc. etc. and while hard work is something you can't escape in this world (nor should you) - being an effective leader, athlete, or mover is going to require some recovery.

Recovery (or lack of it!) affects numerous things, of course, but we are going to focus on injuries, and the mind . 

First off.. 


Recovery is one of the most important aspects of our health, wellness, and fitness journeys. It is defined as "a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength."  It is essential in preparing your body to take on more strain and getting ready to perform; inside the gym, outside, or at work. Without proper recovery you are at higher risk of physical injury, and emotional burnout.  



Active Recovery vs rest (passive recovery) - this has been debated in the research, between coaches, physios and athletes. What I will say is BOTH are essential and the amount, and the when and the what are specific to each individual... I know this is an annoying answer but it's true! 

Active Recovery: involves a non-strenuous activity (walking, yoga, mobility, etc) to keep the blood moving, reducing stiffness and helping you feel better as a result.  It has been recommended that when completing these activities, they should be for less time than your normal activities (about one-two thirds and be 60-70% of your workout heart rate).

Passive Recovery: Usually means rest, the idea being it allows your muscles time to repair, and gives the individual a break from the intensity of workouts, both physically and mentally. Besides rest this can include massage, sauna and in some cases a very light walk. 


I am a big believer in doing what you love, and things you enjoy. For example, for recovery if you hate walks... that shouldn't be your active recovery! Now don't get it twisted... if you hate rest that DOESN'T mean you shouldn't do it.. don't be sneaky sneaky! So below are a list of ways you can recover. Most likely you need to try some out and see what works best for you and your training, movement, or sport: 

  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Sleep 
  • Light walk 
  • Pilates, yoga, mobility, activation (Made By Movement of course!)
  • Sticking to routine 
  • Self-myofascial release (self-massage)
  • Gentle cycling 


Try a combo of these out and let us know what you think, Made By Movement is taught by sport physiotherapists who take into consideration recovery and training. So you know we're giving you research-based information as you move! Try out our classes for optimum recovery! 



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