Yoga For Runners

Yoga and running may seem like two very different activities, but they actually complement each other quite well. Running can be tough on the body, causing tight muscles and there is always the potential for  injury. Yoga is an excellent addition in a mired of ways: there is the classic "improving mobility", and yes yoga helps your mobility, flexibility and can loosen tight muscles after a hard run. However, it also can vastly improve overall balance and body awareness. When runners have a good sense of body awareness, they are more likely to notice when they are running with poor form or technique, or when they are experiencing pain or discomfort. This allows them to make adjustments to their form or to take a break before an injury occurs.

Body awareness can also help runners to avoid overuse injuries. When runners are aware of how their body is feeling, they are more likely to notice when they are putting too much stress on a particular muscle group or joint. This can help them to modify their training plan or seek out additional support, such as physical therapy or yoga, to address any imbalances or weaknesses.

In addition, body awareness can help runners to stay focused and present during their runs. By tuning in to their breath, their stride, and the sensations in their body, runners can maintain a meditative state that can be calming and rejuvenating. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall mental wellbeing.

Made By Movement Studio's mission is to compliment your passion and training. We provide essential foundational strength and mobility through enjoyable and well guided classes. Often we find ourselves just recurring injuries, tightness or weakness that stops us from doing what we love or progressing. These classes not only change that but explain WHY it's happening.


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Benefits of Yoga for Runners 

  • Strengthens the body 
  • Enhanced and targeted mobility and range of movement
  • Improved core & spinal strength for better posture and running efficiency
  • Improved breath control  
  • Improve lower back pain that comes with running due to impact and repetitive positions   
  • Improved concentration - more focus, less stress
  • Yoga is good for your brain. A 2019 review found that those who practiced yoga had more gray matter volume in their brains. Translation? More gray matter means better overall brain function.
  • Aid in recovery by releasing soreness, tight spots and tension in the muscles
  • Injury prevention

Run Wild: Classes for Runners Includes: 

  • Targeted classes for hips, upper back/neck pain, back pain
  • Pre & post run classes
  • Running specific plyometric class
  • Strength videos to target the muscles needed for running
  • Includes targeted Pilates classes taught by MBM Physiotherapist instructors (example: pilates for running downhill) 
  • Classes range from 5-60 minutes 

Youtube live example classes: 


Made by Movement is a Partner of Best Athletics Running Club. Once a month we host a youtube live class & here are 2 examples of classes we have done. These are great examples of the content in which to expect on the course. 

Please note: These classes are filmed on youtube live and our courses are filmed on a professional camera so the quality does differ positively in the course!